2017 President's Note

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the Business Council of Papua New Guinea Website. The website is designed to give you a clear perspective on the Business Council continued effort in promoting the importance and role of economic growth, freedom and enterprise across all sectors.

As our nation experiences unprecedented growth, the private sector must actively pursue dialogue and partner with government, to collectively develop Papua New Guinea. Our organization has for many years built a robust relationship with previous and the current government on pursuing positive change and are delighted that the business of building our country is a collaboration with mutual friends.

Our collaboration has ensured policy and law reform initiatives to improve private sector development in the fields of migration, fiscal and infrastructure laws and policies. While at the same time exploring ways in which public private partnerships may progress the great challenges on addressing deteriorating infrastructure, affordable and accessible public health and education services and also working closely to stem the tide of corruption.

I am mindful that our efforts are only successful if the public is supportive and actively contribute in the changes we are actively pursuing. That is why I am delighted for the launching of this website. For the 1st time since our establishment, the public will be able to view our activities as well as the issues we feel should be the priority for our country. As always, we welcome new members and more importantly, work with you all to bring change and positive development to Papua New Guinea.