CIRCULAR 004 for National Operations Center COVID-19 26th March 2020

Key messages from this edition (see PDF attached below for full details):

1. Passes are currently being developed for issuance to individuals and businesses providing essential services.

These passes will be bright orange and must be shown/displayed for police at all times.

The onus is on businesses to justify (in writing) the need for these passes. Submissions to apply for passes to be sent to:

2. PNG currently remains in CODE ORANGE at the time of publishing this circular (004).

Notably, businesses and individuals need to have a plan for the Code Red status IF it eventuates. Code Red status includes a 24-48 hour complete shutdown of movement in the PROVINCE where positive detection of COVID 19 is identified. No persons or vehicles will be permitted on the road. Offenders will be arrested and prosecuted.

3. Government regulatory entities are now being directed to have officers present in NOC19 to facilitate urgent approvals. These will include Departments of Immigration, Labour, Lands, Ports and air regulators.

In the meantime, if you have urgent approvals or cases to be considered by the above departments, please supply all information to your business/industry representatives to relay accordingly.

4. Unapproved restrictions on businesses is a breach of the SOE rules and these include liquor bans, road blocks and PMV operations within provincial borders. These are NOT authorised by the State Controller (view circular 004 for details). Where these restrictions have been applied, businesses are requested to supply all information of officials that have issued this ban. Please include:

- Name of officer(s)
- Location
- Name of government agency these officials are representing.

State Controller will dispatch units of PNGDF and police officers to meet with officials to resolve the matter.