Established in 1995, The Business Council of Papua New Guinea is the peak body representing the private sector in Papua New Guinea across all sectors, promoting the importance and role of economic growth, freedom and enterprise. We work with government and other associated bodies to frame policy, take part in debate and support initiatives that generate economic growth for the wellbeing of Papua New Guinea and its people. We provide a unified voice, ensuring the views and issues of the business community – those concerning our economic, social and political environment – are expressed in a well-researched and consolidated manner. Being a catalyst for reconciliation and economic growth is not always an easy thing. However, it takes sheer passion and motivation to opt to maximise harmony between the different sectors of a nation and that is what we at the Business Council of PNG seek to do. As a private organisation we liaise and work in-between the intersection of where private and public meet with the sole intention of creating an arena where differences in opinions can be aired and addressed to satisfy all stake holders involved. As challenging as it may seem, the Business Council welcomes members who are interested in joining us. We are the voice of the private sector, so if you want to be heard join us now.


In general, our programmes are centered towards the following areas of national interest • Law and Order, Security and Foreign Affairs • National and International Economic Affairs • Strategies for Nation-Building and National Unity • Telecommunication, Technology and Industry • Facilitating trade, investment and information seminars.


As the Voice of the Private Sector to the National Government of Papua New Guinea the Business Council has been mandated to express all concerns affecting the day to day activities of businesses within the private sector. These concerns range from infrastructure to marketing. Providing an avenue for dialogue between affected parties and most importantly coming up with a solution has always been our number one priority.